A Brief History & Achievements of Arunachal Pradesh

  1. April 1982: the Bharatiya Janata Party initially started in Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh with the appointment of Shri Lijum Ronya and Shri M.R, Dodum as Joint Conveners on April 28, 1982 at the time of Shri ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE as the National President,
  2. Dec 1984: The BJP registered its entry in the political map of Arunachal Pradesh by wining 01(one) seat in the General Election of third UT Legislative Assembly.
  3. Aug. 2003: BJP led  United Democratic Front (UDF) formed Government with the merger of 38 congress (D) MLAs to BJP from August 03, 2003 to July 2004 in Arunachal Pradesh;
  4. May 2004: Under the BJP led UDF Government in the state the BJP won both the Lok Sabha seats in the Lok Sabha election on May 2004.
  5. Oct 2004: The BJP won 09 (Nine) seats in the General Election to State Legislative Assembly held in Oct. 2004 and polled 19.23 percent of votes;
  6. Oct 2009: The BJP won 03 (Three) seats in the General Elections to State Legislative Assembly held in Oct. 2009 and Polled 5.21 percent votes;
  7. May 2014: The BJP won from 01- Arunachal West Parliament Seat and polled 46.12 percent votes over Congress Party which polled 41.22 percent in the Lok Sabha election in April 2014

The BJP for the first time registered scoring of two digit seats in the State Assembly by winning 11(Eleven) seats and the party polled 32.24 percentage of votes.

Had  there been no sudden declaration of simultaneously poll for General Election to State Legislative in Arunachal Pradesh with the LoK Sabha election in April 2014, the political scenario of Arunachal Pradesh could have been certainly. However, hard works and untiring efforts of the present team of state BJP unit certainly have set record with highest ever electoral performance and strengthening of the party in the frontier state.